Time Managing for Adults

So I have previously stated I graduated but am now back in school. I’m in full-time nursing and working part-time. Not to mention I’m commuting about 30-45 min one way to school. So how do we manage as adults? As an adult we don’t have the option to void all responsibilities and just focus on one task – we must multi-task, that is the key.

I have mentioned many times, I love my agenda/planner. Actually obsessed is probably a better term. I have my agenda on my phone (mycalendar app), a timetable app, my iPhone calendar on my phone and computer and then my written hard book agenda. It may seem excessive but they all have a key purpose.

  1. App – This syncs up with my iPhone and computer calendar. This is where I quickly jot down my work shifts, and any appointments. It is super simple and quick when rushing, and really easy to reference. It allows you to look at a day, week, or month view. I keep it at the weekly view so I can see what’s coming up.
  2. Timetable app – Very simple. It just has me put in what classes are on what day and you can add as little or as much detail as you want. I have time, location, and professor.
  3. iPhone/Computer calendar – This is what I can pull up, and usually keep at a monthly view as a complete overview. It also reminds me of holidays and pretty much to keep in mind the big picture of managing my time.
  4. Hardcopy agenda – This is where I plan. I write down what day I have to do what assignments, test, readings, or homework. It allows me to not stress about things that do not need to be done yet. I just look at the day it is and cross off as I complete the objective.

I do also use virtual sticky notes on my laptop. I have a weekly overview broken down by class of what I need to accomplish. And a master list of my entire semester of when major assignments or tests are. This allows me to keep in mind what’s coming up and it’s easier to write down in my agenda what I need to study and when.

So far this has been my most successful attempts with school, and the least stressed I’ve been. So this routine and way of managing has proven really helpful and efficient for me.


How I Organize Life

Life get’s busy – especially around the holidays. I’m also going back to school in January for nursing! But this adds to the stress. So here are some tips on how I organize my life.

I’m huge into agendas, phone apps and a calendar I can see from my bed so I can always write something down and let it go out of my mind. It’s good to be in the know, but it’s better to be less stressed.


Above is my wall calendar. It is my monthly overview. So I write work shifts and appointments in but that is about it – its my month at a glance.


I then have my phone apps. This includes the calendar pre-loaded on and a calendar app that helps me with my weekly glances. (See below).

I also then write out in a big agenda so that when I’m working on the computer or need to remember something I can just write it down and then transfer it to either my phone or wall calendar. The other bonus is the apps will send you notifications when something is coming up and I have a 15 minute warning before appointments or work shifts.

Overall, this is my main attack of keeping my head above water and I hope it helps you out too.

Fall Essentials.

I love summer don’t get me wrong, but I am the girl who enjoys her pumpkin spice flavours, fall colours, cozy sweaters and warm blankets. Here are some of my fall essentials so far…

So I’ve started to use a new foundation and serum combination (review to come) but I think I’m in love. It is the Estée Lauder serum – Idealist Pore Minimizing and the Estée Lauder foundation – Double Wear. This combination is mind blowing.

Of course candles are on the list of fall essentials. I’m a huge fan of any scent most of the year round but especially during fall – lavender and mint, marshmallow, and just got a new creme brûlée scent!

Sweater weather. Two key words, with not much explanation needed.

Food wise, classic grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. It is warm and comforting and all those great childhood feelings wrapped into a meal.

Another go-to is having a girls night in, loving netflix and a good early 2000’s show ‘Scrubs’. It is a hospital comedy – really amusing.

I also have been enjoying journalling more and writing down whatever comes to mind. This could mean to-do lists, blog ideas or just how my day went. This with meditation is very stress relieving and calming.

Who doesn’t love to feel good?

What’s on My iPhone 6?

Here is to the nosey like me. Just like my obsession with the what’s in my purse blogs and videos, here is a what’s on my phone!

The first folder “money”, this is my phone bill, bank and benefits. Second is “work”, this is with an app (epost) where I get my pay stubs, a work chat group, and some apps I need at work. Then we have calender and beside that we have agenda. This is google calender and another calender app. I have to write everything down and I find these the most helpful.

Then we have the basic settings, clock, app store, and my favourite – the weather network channel. After that we have shazam (song finder), camera, youtube, and my fitbit app. Next we have my social media apps and beside that are my go-to’s (calculator, and two map apps – waze is amazing). Beside that there is two meditation apps. Then there is a small games folder that just has tetris, best fiends and heads up.

Then comes to the first health folder, and then my blog folder which is word press and pinterest. Furthermore, there is the music folder which is spotify, podcasts, and apple music. Lastly for page one is my timetable app (super helpful).

The second page has reading, which is a bible app and my kobo. Then I have random which is my collect all (uber, khan academy, sephora and varage sale). Then just utilities. And my last health folder which is what I use to track fitness and have some yoga guidelines.

I get all my backgrounds of pinterest.

Any questions let me know!

Packing Lists

I know summer vacation is wrapping up, but that let’s us plan small weekend trips or longer warm vacations. I am a list girl, love em, can’t live without them.

So how do you go about making a well put together and organized list?

Tip 1: Write everything down, and I mean even elastics, if you think you may need it.

Tip 2: Check the weather where you are going. And add accordingly.

Tip 3: Categorize the list. Clothes. Toiletries. Activities. Electronics. Etc.

Tip 3: Be harsh. What are you seriously going to need, the essentials.

Tip 4: Pack your essentials, and then look at your extras and add as desired.

Tip 5: Evaluate and finish it up.

My example:


When life catches up

I have clearly taken a leave of absence after only a couple of blog posts but I have come to realize I love to write and need to write. Do you ever have that? A need that just internally satisfies you? Writing has always been that for me since childhood. So how do you make time for your small true loves?

  1. Plan it.
    • This is key. Whether you are tech savvy and use a smartphone app, or old fashion and love a day planner (I use both).
  2. Indulge.
    • Enjoy it! Allow this time for your passion to completely consume you in the moment.
  3. Repeat.

So what do you love to do?


Obsession with School Supplies

Is this just me? I love buying school supplies. School is 49 days away and I am almost completely ready. I bought most of my textbooks, pens and of course, highlighters.

I use my laptop to type notes, yet I still feel the need to have a notebook for every class. Or if I’m being economical one section per class designated in a huge notebook.

Then we go on to planners. This is my latest obsession. I have a large Lily Pilitzer agenda (bought on sale at my school bookstore) and I have a smaller agenda (purchased from Chapters) that fits in my purse. I also have a large dry erase calender. Maybe this is because my memory tends to fail me but it’s also my love of organization. I know every class, every work shift and every due date – all laid out in front of me.

This I find is a key to adulthood and being prepared, well having fun and having something cute to write in.