Stay Matte and Flawless with $8

Back to the good old roots of budget friendly yet good quality. I found this Stay Matte Mousse Foundation by Rimmel and it is great! It can be risky with mousse and oily skin to not look glowing but shinning. This claims to be a lightweight shine control foundation – bonus points.

img_8159  Before: As you can see my skin naturally shines, and is acne prone with some under eye circles (not severe but there). I look for in a foundation, one that covers acne, controls the oil and stays put.

I have found this in my $8 CAD purchase.


This is purely foundation and mascara. No blush, bronzer, powder, anything. As you can clearly see it covers quite well and keeps the shine away. As I wore it through the day, I did add some powder and found no issues. There was a little under eye loss of product but nothing major or devastating.

Overall, 4/5 thumbs up.


Get Ready With Me *

First thing to do is hair up and out of the way and moisturize.


Right now I’m listening to the top Canada playlist on Spotify. Then gets into the eyes. I usually do eyeshadow first because I’m a big fan of the angled tape trick to let the eyeshadow look sharp. I do this by de-sticking the tape a bit then aligning it from my outer eye to the outer point of my eyebrow. Today I used the Sonia Kashuk pallet I got from Target awhile ago. Used the top left to blend and bottom left as a lid cover.


Then I used a lighter coverage Oil-Free Acne Correct & Cover Grapefruit Tinted Moisturizer blended with a beauty blender, then for under eyes my older Clinique translucent powder, and my stay matte powder for the rest of my face. I used my Mac bronzer (which I just did a review on in my previous post) and my L’Oreal Voluminous original mascara. To finish off, for the lips, Revlon colour burst matte balm in nude.


Above is the finished look – very subtle and more natural. I don’t wear much makeup often but when I do this is my preference ! Takes me about 20/30 minutes. If you need a quick out the door look, I have a post that is ready in under 5 minutes.

Enjoy your day!

Get Your Bronze On

So we know I am all about that affordability, but I also like good quality for the money you spend. This powder is about $32 CAD. Ouch. But it has lasted me months, and I love it. The nice thing about going with higher quality brands is they will help match the perfect colour to your skin tone. This colour actually bronzes me up when I’m paler (using a lighter dusting) and continues to bronze me as a get darker in the summer.

This helps me feel like it’s an all year round useful tool, that I can then justify spending more money on. It is great quality as well. It goes on smooth and leaves a clear matte finish so I don’t have extra shine (thank you oily skin).

Overall, 4/5 thumbs up, due to price.


$9 Life Saver

If you have been following my posts, or even just skimmed through, you’ll know I am on a budget and really like to save money. I also have posted before that I am prone to acne (even in adulthood) and tend to have more oily skin. So let’s just state: I love matte finishes.

I was trying to think of something I use that I really loved and have been using a long time, and I instantly thought of the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. It is literally $9.

It can look a bit heavy if you really pack it on, but used in the right manner it is outstanding. It leaves a smooth matte finish, and is even ok to reapply once later in the day for touch ups. It’s compact so easy to bring on the go. Definitely a winner and one of my staples.

4/5 thumbs up