Out the Door in 3 Minutes

Sometimes we wake up late and sometimes we just seem to run out of time but we need go-to’s to feel put together in a hurry. I have broken it down to a 3 minute routine with only 3 products. It is my essentials – mascara, concealer, lipstick – that’s it.

I used the Clinique High Impact mascara, which feels light but makes your eyelashes look beautifully long and natural.


Then my all time favourite concealer, boi-ing by Benefit. It’s super creamy and high coverage, so I place it under my eyes to lighten the dark circles, and over a couple of blemishes. I find even with acne-prone skin, this concealer doesn’t break me out and allows for my natural skin to be more prevalent while covering some blemish areas.


Finally lipstick. I love this colour, I got a sample from Sephora of this Marc Jacobs lipstick in the colour berry rouge. I will be purchasing the full size once this is complete. Love the smooth and easy application, and it doesn’t dry your lips out so there are no cracks and flakes.



The final product, is as follows. You can still see some under eye area but that’s the point, we do not need to look flawless. It’s about enhancing what we love most in ourselves, and feeling confident. And it helps that this routine is under 3 minutes. img_8603


the small stuff

So recently I signed up for a Sephora card (much excitement). I went in to try a higher end concealer and ended up with the benefit boi-ing concealer. It retailed for about $26 CAD. But I am in love. It is so creamy and smooth and the coverage is amazing. I do use it sparingly, so under eyes and on those lovely red adult acne spots. 

Now with Sephora you get little “freebies” every so often and I got some for my birthday. This was the Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner. The lipstick hands down has become one of my favourite and I will be purchasing it for full price once this is done (name is ‘kiss kiss bang bang’). The eyeliner is also beautiful but not a favourite. As a fair newbie to eyeliner I do not find it as user friendly as some of the drugstore brands. Although once applied it is stunning – I am a quick out the door kind of gal, and this is not for me. 


concealer – 4/5

lipstick – 5/5

eyeliner – 3/5