Under 5 minutes, Get ready. 

Ok so we all have busy lives, and have definitely all at some point felt that time crunch. Going back too my quick get ready picks from a previous post here, these are my new under 5 minutes go to.

1. Neutrogena Acne Correct and Colour (Fair to Light)

2. Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer

3. MAC skin finisher in cheeky bronze

4. NYX matte finish setting spray

As you can see it gives light coverage, but a nice glow to it. Quick enough to get me out of the house!


Morning Shifts and Makeup

Ok so I work in retail in the back of the store and this does mean 6am start times. So I’m waking up around 4:45/5. Would you put makeup on? My answer is sometimes.

Just like any other student with late nights and early classes. Or parents. Or just about anyone in a rush. What works?

My top quick go to items:

1) BB/CC cream

2) Quick blend of bronzer

3) Mascara

4) Setting spray

I am then a little more put together for when the store opens but also get 15 extra minutes of sleep and who doesn’t love that?

I’m trying a new nyx matte finishing spray so I’ll try it out for a couple days and let you know!

Time Management in a Hectic Time

Have you ever had that feeling where you have a million things to do but time for about 3? I’m sure you have, we all do. I write this because I just finished a 10 page (18 with references and graphs) and had a moment of relief then realized I had 2 more papers on top of homework and studying for exams. This does not include work scheduling or class scheduling.

So what do you do?

I made a previous post about planners and calendars. This is vital to me. I write everything out and plan. I also put reminders in my phone to follow my plan.

The best tip I got was write down your hard due dates – meaning when it is due actually. Then write down your soft due dates. This means a due date to be done by but it is not actually due. This can be used for school but also work deadlines. This then lets you plan time to work on your assignment and gives you a goal. The BEST part is if you miss your deadline – it wasn’t actually due! But then you must adapt and get on task to catch up.

The one factor I am not good at is taking time for yourself. It does not matter how hectic life is – you need time to yourself. Even if you have to schedule it. If you don’t take this time then life gets crazier. This time allows for some breathes and refocus.

Mediation is amazing, it’s what I try to use when I make time (its hard to make time I know).

So remember, deep breath and power on. 

Proper Emailing Etiquette

This is one thing that I am still not master of. Many assume that my generation should be a pro at this but most of us have never even learned the etiquette of note writing – so how can I apply this to a formal email? Don’t get me wrong, I can write a casual email with “lol” (laugh out loud) but I am terrified when emailing a professor or especially an employer/boss.

Now I have gotten better (thanks mom), but I still question “what makes a good, proper email?”

1. Subject – this needs to be like an abstract of a paper; simple, quick and to the point

2. Greeting – this is what I still struggle with: Hi, Hello, Dear, etc.

3. Body – straight forward, what are you wanting to saying?

4. Exit – Depending on the person and the reason for the email I usually use: Thank you or Sincerely

5. Name – Now again, I am not a pro at this. I usually end with my full name but at work I have full name and position/contact information

So this leaves me to believe I may be on the right track but like any skill, it must be practiced and practiced. 

Obsession with School Supplies

Is this just me? I love buying school supplies. School is 49 days away and I am almost completely ready. I bought most of my textbooks, pens and of course, highlighters.

I use my laptop to type notes, yet I still feel the need to have a notebook for every class. Or if I’m being economical one section per class designated in a huge notebook.

Then we go on to planners. This is my latest obsession. I have a large Lily Pilitzer agenda (bought on sale at my school bookstore) and I have a smaller agenda (purchased from Chapters) that fits in my purse. I also have a large dry erase calender. Maybe this is because my memory tends to fail me but it’s also my love of organization. I know every class, every work shift and every due date – all laid out in front of me.

This I find is a key to adulthood and being prepared, well having fun and having something cute to write in.