Review: BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

I will admit, I have bought more makeup than I need in the last week. But I have a new favourite – the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (all in all, a tinted moisturizer). It can be found at Sephora for about $37 CAD. A little pricey but you get 1.18 oz over the usually 1 oz and a little goes a long way – not to mention for higher end beauty products this is quite affordable.

The cream is said to give coverage with skin care benefits and be parabens free. It is hypoallergenic, so great for sensitivity, and has  no oil or fragrance in it – which is huge for me because my skin breaks out so easily with any irritants.


It only comes in 10 shades, but Sephora matched me to my best choice and I have to say it went on flawlessly and smoothly. It was low coverage but did hide some of the redness from my acne. It made me glow and feel beautiful. It did feel like it was hydrating my skin, but I also used a moisturizer before hand.


It gives a very natural finish but with a little boost. Overall, I love it and will absolutely re-buy.

5/5 x


Unwind Routine

After a long day of work or school or both, mentally we all need a way to unwind and relax for the night. I have found it essential for my mental health to follow a routine, and no I am not always great at doing it but when I do I feel so much better and sleep so much deeper. So here’s what I do on my perfect unwind:

  1. Declutter. Meaning I wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher, I put away food or clothes, or just throw out the garbage. Very minimal but just enough to leave me with that productive/clean feeling.
  2. Tea. I am a coffee drinker. But tea at the end of the night (my favourite being peppermint or chamomile) is just a nice way to have something warm without a lot of extra calories or caffeine. It mellows me.
  3. Yoga. I do some very light yoga, some heart opening stretches, and some basic positions like downward dog, child’s pose, and anything that I feel will feel good or be relaxing. I maybe do 5 minutes – just enough.
  4. Faith. I don’t talk about it often but I find a lot of comfort in my faith and definitely if you don’t than you can skip this. But my relationship with God has been a good thing for me. So I will just go on Pinterest or my bible app and find some passages I like or enjoy and write it out in my journal.
  5. Meditation. I will do this right before I sleep, because quite honestly it usually makes me fall asleep. I have a guided meditation app and it has thousands of meditations to choose from and categories too. I usually pick a sleeping themed one, thats about 5-10 minutes and do some deep breathing and visualization. For me it’s the perfect end to the day.


What’s on your perfect list?

Out the Door in 3 Minutes

Sometimes we wake up late and sometimes we just seem to run out of time but we need go-to’s to feel put together in a hurry. I have broken it down to a 3 minute routine with only 3 products. It is my essentials – mascara, concealer, lipstick – that’s it.

I used the Clinique High Impact mascara, which feels light but makes your eyelashes look beautifully long and natural.


Then my all time favourite concealer, boi-ing by Benefit. It’s super creamy and high coverage, so I place it under my eyes to lighten the dark circles, and over a couple of blemishes. I find even with acne-prone skin, this concealer doesn’t break me out and allows for my natural skin to be more prevalent while covering some blemish areas.


Finally lipstick. I love this colour, I got a sample from Sephora of this Marc Jacobs lipstick in the colour berry rouge. I will be purchasing the full size once this is complete. Love the smooth and easy application, and it doesn’t dry your lips out so there are no cracks and flakes.



The final product, is as follows. You can still see some under eye area but that’s the point, we do not need to look flawless. It’s about enhancing what we love most in ourselves, and feeling confident. And it helps that this routine is under 3 minutes. img_8603

Saving Money in 5 Simple Steps

We all like to save, not spend where we don’t have too and once in awhile be able to splurge on something we really want. But how do you save? What do you need to know to save enough? Here are my top 5 tricks to save.

  1. Save $2 from every bill break. This means you buy a coffee and split $5, save 2.
  2. Have a change jar. Simple find change in your pocket? Put it in the jar.
  3. Use cash. Tapping your card allows for mindless spending. Take cash out for the week and budget it. Do you need the 4th coffee?
  4. Mental budgeting. What I mean is think of all your “small” expenses. Three coffees = $6. Bagel = $4. So in total I’m at  $10, if I do this everyday I’m at work or school thats $50 in extras for the week. That’s not gas money, or groceries, or savings.
  5. Cut yourself some slack. Saving money can be hard, especially if you’re not used to it. If you can, buy the morning coffee but maybe not the mid-day one. Bring one from home, don’t deprive yourself but find solutions.

Final Minimalist Challenge Days*

Car – I decided I need my car, I commute and travel so for me it is a necessity. But what I can do is reduce the clutter (trust me it’s bad) of things kept in my car. Currently, you cannot put anything in the trunk and out of 3 backseats, 1.5 are free – bad I know. So tonight I will remove the clothes that I forgot were in there, remove old sports equipment I haven’t used in a year and keep my essentials (first aid kit, blanket, car manual, etc.)

Home – To downsize or not? I live at home so probably not. I am good with my space and it makes me happy.

Mission – Does your path, school, career align with your values? Previously I have a dual undergraduate B.Sc in Biology and Psychology. Love it I learned a lot but I found it’s not getting me where I want to be – to help people front line. That is why I am back in school for nursing now! And I could not be happier even with all the hard work.

Health – This can go a variety of ways. Eat clean? Ya I should and I am working more towards that but I am by no means perfect. And exercise. Love it. But need to make time and I know this will happen as I continue to grow with freeing up my time by practicing minimalism.

Time – Which leads us to our final time. Time. Learning to embrace it and find joy in more of it.


What I’ve learned if anything is minimalism takes practice, just like learning something new. We have to continue to practice until we get it, but there is always more room to grow and that is ok.


Day 14/15/16 * Minimalist Challenge

Day 14 – Digitize

This is about scanning old photos, downloading music or changing documents to digital. But for me this is already done – almost all my stuff is digital.

Day 15 – Finances

This is a huge thing for me. Buying the unnecessaries and spending on the wants not needs. I have learned a lot and continue to grow. I am saving for what I want and preparing for the costs of what I need. I am teaching myself to be aware of finances.

Day 16 – Television

They suggest ridding of tv. Not happening. But the point is clear – some of us have 4 or 5 tv’s per room; necessary? no not really. It’s about consumption, as everything in minimalism goes back too. How much time do we watch tv? How much do we consume our time with tv watching? Can we downsize this consumption of time? Yes. Absolutely.

I have dropped down to watching tv in smaller intervals, and only really in the evening in between meditation and sometimes yoga.

Day 11/12/13 of 21 * Minimalist Challenge

We’re getting there!

Day 11/12/13 – Trash/Donate/Sell

This has been a huge step, I did not wait until these days to do this though, it’s an ongoing process. I’m in the mindset that if I don’t deal with my stuff right away I’ll hesitate and try to keep it. So as soon as I recognize I do not need the item I will instantly decide trash, donate or sell.

I am slowly cleansing and have loved it. There is more space for living and less clutter and it’s amazing.

Day 14 coming soon!