Holidays, Finishing School, Self Care

So that’s it. I am officially a practical nursing graduate. I am done done done. For those of you not counting, I have been in post-secondary for the last 6.5 years. And I’m not a doctor. I have a BSc. in Biology and Psychology and now a diploma in practical nursing.

I will be writing my licensing exam in January or February – very nervous but very excited. But this means I am in the process of looking for a job. If you have any tips or websites you find helpful please let me know! I am currently looking daily and actually utilized my schools free program that is resume building.

I am also indulging in some self care. My last week of placement I worked 72 hours in 8 days. Yes I then slept for the next 2 days. But now I am finding balance again. I am back at the gym (a big Curves fan), and am loving that. It is very challenging to get back into it but I usually have the mentality of just “ripping the band-aid off”. I have also reorganized my office so it is cozy and brings me joy – as well as, it now has some extra room for me to meditate and do my yoga. Two major players in my well-being. I have also missed blogging. There is something so therapeutic about just writing it all out, getting to interact with other bloggers and being apart of a community. So my plan is to get back out here.

On my last note, this is my utmost favourite time of year. Christmas, hot drinks, love, celebration, magic. Although it changes over the years, my heart is always so joyful, grateful and full in these weeks. Yes, it can definitely be stressful (between my boyfriend and I, we have 5 get togethers this year), but for some reason I am never too bothered by it. I love love.