Should You Get a Tattoo?

Warning: they are permanent.

That being said, I am a tattoo supporter. I have quite a collection of my own and love every single one. The one I got when I was 16 and the one I got today – and everything in between. I make a joke that they are permanent, but the truth is this is a huge factor. You need to do research and planning before deciding on something like this. So I thought I could give some tips and ideas to help out.

  1. What moves you? What as a deep purpose or value in your life?
  2. Why do you want this on your body?

The two first questions are essential. Even if the answer is I love art, so I want an artistic piece on me – that’s a reason. Love it. Be able to own anything you decide on, people will always make comments and question you but if you love it – who cares?

3. Research styles

4. Research tattoo artists

5. Research symbols, quotes, meanings (anything you want that will sit well with you)

6. Talk to an artist that you trust or like their work, not all will be a great personality, but you will find someone you mesh with and ask them their opinions*

*Asking opinions is a great way to learn and find what works on your body and where, but if you love something and how it is do not be afraid to stick up for that*

7. Figure out finances. A lot of legitimate shops have a minimum fee ranging for $60+. This is essentially for a brand new needle and sterile environment. But if you have questions just ask. Tattoos can be quite expensive, some charge for the size, most charge by the hour. Colour is more expensive than black or shading. Ask, ask, ask.

In the end, don’t rush into anything. Never be afraid to ask. And just plan accordingly.

One of my favourite quotes goes like this “Hey, my body is a temple too. It just has stained glass windows.”

Any questions feel free and welcome to comment or e-mail and I will totally answer !