Saving Money in 5 Simple Steps

We all like to save, not spend where we don’t have too and once in awhile be able to splurge on something we really want. But how do you save? What do you need to know to save enough? Here are my top 5 tricks to save.

  1. Save $2 from every bill break. This means you buy a coffee and split $5, save 2.
  2. Have a change jar. Simple find change in your pocket? Put it in the jar.
  3. Use cash. Tapping your card allows for mindless spending. Take cash out for the week and budget it. Do you need the 4th coffee?
  4. Mental budgeting. What I mean is think of all your “small” expenses. Three coffees = $6. Bagel = $4. So in total I’m at  $10, if I do this everyday I’m at work or school thats $50 in extras for the week. That’s not gas money, or groceries, or savings.
  5. Cut yourself some slack. Saving money can be hard, especially if you’re not used to it. If you can, buy the morning coffee but maybe not the mid-day one. Bring one from home, don’t deprive yourself but find solutions.