Final Minimalist Challenge Days*

Car – I decided I need my car, I commute and travel so for me it is a necessity. But what I can do is reduce the clutter (trust me it’s bad) of things kept in my car. Currently, you cannot put anything in the trunk and out of 3 backseats, 1.5 are free – bad I know. So tonight I will remove the clothes that I forgot were in there, remove old sports equipment I haven’t used in a year and keep my essentials (first aid kit, blanket, car manual, etc.)

Home – To downsize or not? I live at home so probably not. I am good with my space and it makes me happy.

Mission – Does your path, school, career align with your values? Previously I have a dual undergraduate B.Sc in Biology and Psychology. Love it I learned a lot but I found it’s not getting me where I want to be – to help people front line. That is why I am back in school for nursing now! And I could not be happier even with all the hard work.

Health – This can go a variety of ways. Eat clean? Ya I should and I am working more towards that but I am by no means perfect. And exercise. Love it. But need to make time and I know this will happen as I continue to grow with freeing up my time by practicing minimalism.

Time – Which leads us to our final time. Time. Learning to embrace it and find joy in more of it.


What I’ve learned if anything is minimalism takes practice, just like learning something new. We have to continue to practice until we get it, but there is always more room to grow and that is ok.



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