Day 14/15/16 * Minimalist Challenge

Day 14 – Digitize

This is about scanning old photos, downloading music or changing documents to digital. But for me this is already done – almost all my stuff is digital.

Day 15 – Finances

This is a huge thing for me. Buying the unnecessaries and spending on the wants not needs. I have learned a lot and continue to grow. I am saving for what I want and preparing for the costs of what I need. I am teaching myself to be aware of finances.

Day 16 – Television

They suggest ridding of tv. Not happening. But the point is clear – some of us have 4 or 5 tv’s per room; necessary? no not really. It’s about consumption, as everything in minimalism goes back too. How much time do we watch tv? How much do we consume our time with tv watching? Can we downsize this consumption of time? Yes. Absolutely.

I have dropped down to watching tv in smaller intervals, and only really in the evening in between meditation and sometimes yoga.