Day 8/9/10 of 21 * Minimalist Challenge

Day 8 – Beliefs

We belief a lot of things told to us growing up and what we see around us. Get the house. Get the nice car. Ou get that gold watch. But what should be believe, what is real value?

Real value is family, and friends and time spent doing things we love not buying things we are told to want. As we declutter we learn real value.

Day 9 – Growth

I read a saying today on The Minimalist challenge. “If we’re not growing, we’re dying”. A little morbid? Yes. But so true. What if at 16 years old we said ok that’s it I know everything (let’s be real almost everyone says it) but then we don’t strive to learn more or be different. At 23, 45, 50, etc. we should not be the same as at 16. We must strive to learn, love and overall grow.

The connection to minimalism is that we are learning to let go, and embrace a more joyful, less cluttered life. We are learning about ourselves and learning what we want and what we need.

Day 10 – Everything

This was a day of unpacking. But I did not unpack. Honestly? Yesterday I got a little plant for my space and added it to a shelve. But I found the green gives me joy. So I am ok indulging in small joys.