Day 3/4/5 of 21 * Minimalist Challenge

So I’m going to be honest I struggled with day 3. That was packing.

Basically pack everything up and only take out items as you need them. So I packed up my stuff (honestly no not all of it) but made a huge impact and everything feels, well empty. I’m that person that is comforted by my stuff and the bare makes me uncomfortable. So this has been a challenge to accept and grow with myself.

Day 4 – Essentials.

This was using only what I needed – it’s interesting to see how little I actually use compared to what I have.

Day 5 – Things.

This is about essentials and packing – how much time and money do we need to spend on stuff. I just keep evaluating my stuff and what I actually need and what I wanted.

So far this has been really eye opening for my need of stuff and my actual core needs for life.