Day 2 of 21 * Minimalist Challenge


So previously I made my must list in Day 1 of the challenge. Today is my planning day and the following questions are too help me with my planning based off my list. So here we go:

What is standing in the way of my musts?

  • making time for activities
  • remembering to do things
  • fear of making time and letting go of the unnecessaries

When did I give so much meaning to my possessions?

  • when I lost the ability to gain possessions

What is truly important in my life?

  • my loved ones
  • my health
  • my mental health

Why am I discontented?

  • because I am so overwhelmed with life
    • meaning too much stuff to do and deal with and not enough time

Who is the person I want to become?

  • self-&people-loving, yoga doing, meditator

How will I define my success?

  • when I complete my must list 6/7 days a week
  • when my must list becomes second nature

How will my life improve if I own less stuff?

  • more time for the important issues in life
  • more focus on what matters


day 2 complete×


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