Can I Go Minimalist?

I have a lot of stuff. I like my stuff. But lately I’ve been realizing that’s all it is – stuff.

So I’ve taken on a challenge with little research behind me, can I go minimalist?

I’m not talking sell the house, dump the car, and get rid of everything instantly, but can I downsize and live off the essentials? I think I can.

I have a dresser, 2 small closets and 4 baskets of clothes. Some would say that’s too much and I agree since I found a pair of shorts that are 3 sizes too small and from grade school (9 ish years ago). So I’ve started to purge my stuff. I donated 3 garbage bags of clothing and got rid of my 4 baskets. And that’s just the start. I plan to cleanse a little bit every day or so and I plan to blog the process to keep accountability.

So let’s see what I can do.



2 thoughts on “Can I Go Minimalist?

  1. You can do it, one suggestion would be to take it step by step, I tried it in the beginning and became overwhelmed. You can do, good luck on your journey!


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