An Honest What I Eat In A Day..

So I love these blog posts and videos, and it’s interesting to see the range of food everyone has every day. So here’s mine!


Breakfast – Tuna sandwich and ice coffee


Lunch – A Donut. I know not good it wasn’t a proper meal but I had a late breakfast and needed something quick (it was divine).


Dinner – Now this was the best part, I love indian dishes and completely forgot to take pictures because I just dug in so quick but it’s as follows: butter chicken, naan, samosa, mattar paneer, and veggie marsala. Water to drink.

Post-Dinner – More water and a small mini-sized cookie.

I definitely do not have perfect eating, and often try to make the best choices for my body but no one is perfect all the time! I do pretty much only drink water and coffee as my beverages and then the healthier options and better portions of whatever I’m craving that day.

Let me know what you think of this sort of post by liking if you do!




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