How Do I Pick My Foundation?

I’ve stated before, I am an adult with acne prone skin and oil. So how do I pick the right foundation for me? There are some basics to keep in mind.

  1. This is a huge tip – oil-free is your friend!
  2. Matte is often helpful, not as good for combination skin that can get dry
  3. Powder. Whether it be powder foundation or a light dusting on top. Sucks that oil right up.

Some of my personal tried and true suggestions are has follows:

  • CoverGirl as a brand is great. The out last 3-in-1 is fantastic and for a quick go to Ready, Set, Gorgeaous
  • Revlon Nearly Naked.
  • L’Oreal True Match
  • Rimmel London Clean Finis

I only state this once for now because they are affordable (what I’m all about) and good for the issue at hand and they range from lighter to fuller coverage.


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