What’s on My iPhone 6?

Here is to the nosey like me. Just like my obsession with the what’s in my purse blogs and videos, here is a what’s on my phone!

The first folder “money”, this is my phone bill, bank and benefits. Second is “work”, this is with an app (epost) where I get my pay stubs, a work chat group, and some apps I need at work. Then we have calender and beside that we have agenda. This is google calender and another calender app. I have to write everything down and I find these the most helpful.

Then we have the basic settings, clock, app store, and my favourite – the weather network channel. After that we have shazam (song finder), camera, youtube, and my fitbit app. Next we have my social media apps and beside that are my go-to’s (calculator, and two map apps – waze is amazing). Beside that there is two meditation apps. Then there is a small games folder that just has tetris, best fiends and heads up.

Then comes to the first health folder, and then my blog folder which is word press and pinterest. Furthermore, there is the music folder which is spotify, podcasts, and apple music. Lastly for page one is my timetable app (super helpful).

The second page has reading, which is a bible app and my kobo. Then I have random which is my collect all (uber, khan academy, sephora and varage sale). Then just utilities. And my last health folder which is what I use to track fitness and have some yoga guidelines.

I get all my backgrounds of pinterest.

Any questions let me know!


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