the small stuff

So recently I signed up for a Sephora card (much excitement). I went in to try a higher end concealer and ended up with the benefit boi-ing concealer. It retailed for about $26 CAD. But I am in love. It is so creamy and smooth and the coverage is amazing. I do use it sparingly, so under eyes and on those lovely red adult acne spots. 

Now with Sephora you get little “freebies” every so often and I got some for my birthday. This was the Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner. The lipstick hands down has become one of my favourite and I will be purchasing it for full price once this is done (name is ‘kiss kiss bang bang’). The eyeliner is also beautiful but not a favourite. As a fair newbie to eyeliner I do not find it as user friendly as some of the drugstore brands. Although once applied it is stunning – I am a quick out the door kind of gal, and this is not for me. 


concealer – 4/5

lipstick – 5/5

eyeliner – 3/5


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