Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Refresh


This was $8.00.

Let’s just start off by saying, as a post-secondary student the last 4 years I’ve quickly learned what is worth the money and what is not, and what is genuinely  affordable for what you get. This is.

I was always hesitant on the “ok so this water is going to clean my face?”. But this product is incredible. I take off my makeup with whatever makeup wipe I’m using at the time, then swipe over with a little cotton pad and it’s like I haven’t even taken makeup off to start with. This removes so much debris that you never thought was still there. Yes I say debris, you know what it’s like after a long day and if it’s heavier makeup too.

I know there are some higher end micellar waters, but I mean this is affordable and good for what you get. So why not save a little and still feel fabulous?

5/5 thumbs up.