Eating Apps

There a many varying apps (applications) that are downloadable now, whether it be your iphone, android phone, smartphone, tablet, computer – pretty much any technology that is from the last 5 years. I personally love to track my health, and how I eat. I just find it a good reminder of “hey do you need that third donut?” Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I know and remember what I ate.

I also like the calorie tracker but again not as an obsession but as a reminder. There so many ways to find out the calories you need to take in to function, gain weight or loose weight. So all rambling aside here is some of my current favourite “eating” apps.

1) MyPlate by Livestrong

– This is my current one I use. It tracks water intake, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and weight. It also gives a rough estimate on carbs, fats and proteins. I like how it’s laid out and it feels more casual and not as fitness savvy.

2) MyFitnessPal

– Again I like the lay out and that it tracks practically everything, but it is slightly intimidating and gives mass amount of information in detail.

3) Veggie Weekend

– Now I just downloaded this one, but so far I love the ideas. I am currently transitioning Pescitarian (no meat or chicken, but eggs, milk and fish). This gives me great ideas for no meat, but it’s also great regardless of your eating habits. Just plain healthy.