Proper Emailing Etiquette

This is one thing that I am still not master of. Many assume that my generation should be a pro at this but most of us have never even learned the etiquette of note writing – so how can I apply this to a formal email? Don’t get me wrong, I can write a casual email with “lol” (laugh out loud) but I am terrified when emailing a professor or especially an employer/boss.

Now I have gotten better (thanks mom), but I still question “what makes a good, proper email?”

1. Subject – this needs to be like an abstract of a paper; simple, quick and to the point

2. Greeting – this is what I still struggle with: Hi, Hello, Dear, etc.

3. Body – straight forward, what are you wanting to saying?

4. Exit – Depending on the person and the reason for the email I usually use: Thank you or Sincerely

5. Name – Now again, I am not a pro at this. I usually end with my full name but at work I have full name and position/contact information

So this leaves me to believe I may be on the right track but like any skill, it must be practiced and practiced.