Post-Secondary Life

So it has come to my attention that many of us, ages 17 to 90+ all have a post-secondary life. Whether this be college, the work force, university and anything else. I personally have attended (and still am) been in the university route. I am planning now for the college route. What I’ve learned is there is rarely one all mighty plan – it is about adapting and “will this get me a job?”

I loved university at the beginning. Independence was the best; until adulthood hits you. Then when you are buying groceries or facing rent you realize how good mom’s dinner was, and how comfy your bed at home was when you could cuddle with a pet (mine is a plump and fluffy dog). It is one of the best things, going home after a full day of class and a work shift to your own bed.

As a plan to face college, I have moved home and am excited. I have so much thinking to do and planning ahead of me – which brings us to this blog. Hi! I hope to grow more and learn more as I continue to enter (trust me I’m already started it) into adulthood.