Obsession with School Supplies

Is this just me? I love buying school supplies. School is 49 days away and I am almost completely ready. I bought most of my textbooks, pens and of course, highlighters.

I use my laptop to type notes, yet I still feel the need to have a notebook for every class. Or if I’m being economical one section per class designated in a huge notebook.

Then we go on to planners. This is my latest obsession. I have a large Lily Pilitzer agenda (bought on sale at my school bookstore) and I have a smaller agenda (purchased from Chapters) that fits in my purse. I also have a large dry erase calender. Maybe this is because my memory tends to fail me but it’s also my love of organization. I know every class, every work shift and every due date – all laid out in front of me.

This I find is a key to adulthood and being prepared, well having fun and having something cute to write in.